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8 MARCH 2022

Published by TIRSAMARIE


Tell us about you, your business, and what you do.
  1. My name is Shekinah Davis also known as Glory or illgawdess.
  2. I have the pleasure of being a multifaceted woman who writes, is a model, actress, and inspiration to many. Being simmered down to one title would prove a disservice to myself and anyone for that matter considering we all have layers in which make us complex beings.
  3. Business is brand and brand is business.
  4. My brand (business) is illgawdess. Illgawdess is a personality, a model who delivers positive messages while promoting being your truest and most authentic self.
  5. In a social media driven world that places so much emphasis on looks and aesthetics it is my mission to provide substance and thought provoking content that leaves my audience in an elevated mind state.

That idea that seems absurd, run with it. Also, just because it appears that everyone is doing the same thing you’re doing, doesn’t mean you cannot flourish and create your own path and name in the same field you share with others.


If you could use one word to describe your entrepreneur journey what would it be and why?

  1. My one word would be evolving. Evolving resonates with me because I have been given quality time to reflect on where I once started as a model/ public figure and the progression has been intensely amazing. I’ve been able to develop into a more refined and efficient navigator in the entertainment/ arts industry. My brand has blossomed and is supported by an ever growing community. The growth has been real, as they say and continues to grow as I invest in myself and pour into others.

Who’s the one person that supported your dreams when you first started?

  1. In full transparency, I cannot recollect who the first supporter of my entrepreneurial pursuits was, but I do know I have the full support of my family and closest friends . In the beginning they were weary of my unconventional ways of working and thinking, but over time as they began to see me flourish in my endeavors they knew nothing could stop me.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

  1. In 5 years my brand will be raking in millions and giving back to the community in an even more abundant way. It is quite possible I’ll have a creative directing studio mentoring those who want to thrive in the world of arts or find a community that helps sharpen creatives.

How do you define success?

  1. Success is someone accomplishing the goals they set out for themselves. Success is being able to put other people on to helpful and enriching information, pouring into others as others have poured into you. Success to me can simply be intentionally sharing your gifts and talents with others and making a conscious effort to be a changemaker and like medicine in this ailing world.

As an entrepreneur, what does VX mean to you?

  1. As an entrepreneur, VX means accommodation of my busy lifestyle. VX supplies comfort, style, and most importantly quality. A sense of connectedness to other bosses taking over the world is what VX provides.  

Where can our readers find you?

  1. Readers can find me @illgawdess on Instagram and on TikTok @gawdyg

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