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casual, streetwear in fashion

DREAM. Be a dreamer; know what you want.

HUSTLE. Make your dream tangible.

DEMAND. Take ownership.

Owned, operated and founded by Military Veteran, TirsaMarie, with the vision that VX APPAREL will rep unique styles and inspire looks for individuals to chase after their dreams, no matter their circumstance.

The creators of VX Apparel want to live in a world where we are fearless, limitless, and powerful. With skills that can change the world, VX APPAREL began grabbing the attention of her peers with her open creative mind and tactics through social platforms like Instagram.

In April 2019, we released VX Apparel’s Youtube which promotes Dreams, Hustle, and Demand. Where experiences, information, and resources are relatable to entrepreneurs.

In Dec of 2018 Tirsa and VX Apparel was selected as the Small Business in Pennsylvania to be featured with Google. ​ ​ The purpose of all things VX is to start! We believe that everyone’s dreams are valid. VX APPAREL started with faith on limited resources. Through slow peaks and genuine support, Tirsa has built her brand from the ground up. VX has amplified their brand products and will continue to gain loyal clientele/supporters through experience. ​ ​ "A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true." – Greg S. Reid ​ ​ Our brand supports your dreams, your hustle. We are designed to empower with style. What better way to take over the world, than with VX.


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