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VXXXV Apparel

Entrepreneurs are a Unique Breed. We Hustle Hard, Work Smart, and Adapt Daily.

VX Apparel was created to complement your entrepreneurial lifestyle. We respect your hustle and salute your devotion to your business venture. This is why each piece of clothing is carefully crafted to fit your distinctive needs, with comfort & quality at the core of every design. Think of VX Apparel as a trophy, you wear daily, that represents your Hustle, Commitment, & Discipline.

Stepping out in VX apparel is a reminder & message to the world that you're always ready to hustle for your dreams and get it ‘out the mud’. You are a self-made boss who isn’t afraid to take on whatever comes at you to achieve your dreams and make it to the top. From one entrepreneur to another - welcome to the #VXFORCE. We’re glad to be apart of your journey.


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